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The Estate Planner’s Toolkit is versatile and can be used for online or printed use. All of our documents come in high resolution (for professional print) and low resolution (for email and online use) PDF formats.

Send to your clients before or after your meeting or in response to a website enquiry.

Share with your business connections to help them understand your services and generate more client referrals.

The toolkit is designed to be used by professionals providing wills, probate and estate planning services. The content of the toolkit is based on the laws of England and Wales.

You can view samples of our factsheets and videos here:

Protective Property Trust video

Probate video

Lasting Power of Attorney video

Discretionary Trust video

Making a Will video

Once you place your order, we will automatically send you an email requesting your logo and contact details to be displayed on your chosen toolkit items. Our designer will add your logo and contact details and we will send you the PDF’s via We Transfer in 5 working days.

The aim of the toolkit is to be a simple, ready-to-go solution to save you the time and expense of creating your own content. If you want us to do anything other than add your logo and contact details e.g. add additional trade logos, alter the layout or change the supplied artwork, these are bespoke design requests and would result in additional costs.

Yes!  The Estate Planner’s Toolkit is excellent value for money.

Just think about the time it would take to create your own content and the cost of hiring a professional design team.

The Estate Planner’s Toolkit is the perfect ready-to-go solution that will be customised with your business logo and contact details to position you as the expert.

Remember, the Estate Planner’s Toolkit is an investment in your business. The cost would typically be covered by an average sale involving Trusts or Lasting Power of Attorney whilst the benefits of using these resources can be recouped many times over through future sales and time savings.

When you complete your purchase, you will automatically receive an email to reply to with your logo, website address, email address and telephone number.

Please check your junk folder if this is not in your inbox but if this has not arrived, please email hello@estateplannerstoolkit.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

You’ll receive your toolkiit within 5 days of receiving the required information from you.

If you would like to get a quote for print please add a note to your order form or email hello@estateplannerstoolkit.co.uk

We would be happy to give you a bespoke quote if you would like your resources to contain contact details for more than one representative.

Please email hello@estateplannerstoolkit.co.uk with your requirements.

Although the law around wills and probate tends to evolve slowly, we understand you want clarity on what will happen if we update any content you have purchased.


  • With the exception of tax overviews, if we update the content of a factsheet (PDF) within 12 months of your purchase date, we will email you the updated version for free. This will be using your existing logo and contact details.
  • If we update an existing factsheet (PDF) after 12 months from purchase, our standard charge will be £45 to provide you with the latest version using your existing logo and contact details. If we change our standard update prices (e.g. because we need to add VAT or our production costs increase), we will notify customers by email and offer a time-limited opportunity to purchase the updated versions before price increases take effect.


We’ve purposefully kept the content of our videos general so that they don’t refer to any specific information that is likely to change e.g. tax rates or inheritance tax thresholds.

  • If we update the content of our videos, we will apply a 12-month guarantee from the date of your purchase. This will be using your existing logo and contact details.
  • If we change the contents of your existing video(s) after 12 months of your purchase date, we will contact you with a time-limited offer to have the updated version at a discounted price. We cannot speculate what the price/discount will be as it depends on production costs at the time.

Yes! We plan to add further resources to the Estate Planner’s Toolkit.

Existing customers will be notified and offered a discounted price so they can keep their resources up-to-date.

If you have feedback or ideas for future content, we would love to hear from you at hello@estateplannerstoolkit.co.uk

If you want to update your toolkit due to rebranding or to change your contact details, please email hello@estateplannerstooklit.co.uk. The price will depend on the number of items you have and the amount of time our designer needs to apply the changes to your existing factsheets and videos.

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