Our membership is the perfect way for you to build your business resources each month.

Pay monthly to receive a new toolkit item each month that displays your logo and contact details.

Increase your sales. Save time. Enhance your brand.

Pay as you goMembership
Buy a package (best value) or buy single items if you just want a few things.Monthly product to steadily build up your toolkit.
One payment by debit/credit card.£150 per month.
Receive your branded toolkit in 5 working daysReceive a branded toolkit item per month
Cancel anytime (30 day notice period)
Great way to build your toolkit

What option is right for you?


For new customers, we will start by sending you items from the Premier Toolkit.

After month ten of continuous payments, the Protective Property Trust video will be released. This is due to the value of video items and our no tie-in approach to membership.

If you maintain your membership beyond the first year (we hope so) you will continue to receive a monthly product from our wide selection of other toolkit products. 

The monthly product you receive may also be updates to existing material.

When you make your order, you can note the first three products (excluding videos) you prefer to start with from the Premier Toolkit.

If you prefer not to start with the Premier Toolkit and want to start with another package instead please contact us to discuss.

Membership is still an option available to you. We hold a record of what products you have.

Talk to us about this but you may be better off buying single items or a package that suits rather than our membership option that is designed to release the full range of our toolkit to you.

No, you can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice period.

Yes, and similarly if you are a member and really want to buy something from the PAYG option you can do so.

Membership allows you to spread the cost of your product purchase. Factsheets are £150 each and videos are £600. With the membership you will receive the higher cost products as well as the lower cost products so this represents good value without a larger upfront cost.

The PAYG option will be best for you – check out our range of packages including ‘The Works’ option for the biggest saving!


Don’t miss out on your next client!

Estate Planner’s Toolkit Membership

£150.00 / month

Our membership option enables you to build your toolkit monthly with no tie-in contract.

All content is customised with your contact details and logo and delivered to you on a monthly basis – all for one, easy-to-manage, monthly fee.

For new customers, if membership is maintained for twelve months you will receive all the items listed as part of the Premier toolkit. The PPT video will be released after the tenth month.