Choosing an Executor


Help your clients understand the responsibility and duties of an executor to help them make an informed choice over who to appoint and how you can help. This double-sided A4 factsheet will be customised with your logo and contact details.

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    Potential Client: ‘Have you got any further information you can send / leave with me?’

    Estate Planner: ‘Um…’

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    Key Benefits

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      Be the expert with your own business logo and contact details featured. Have a toolkit of professionally designed sales resources at your fingertips.
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    Who is the Choosing an Executor guide for?


    New Will Writers and Estate Planners – The Estate Planner’s Toolkit is your go-to resource to help you get started. Our expertly written and designed resources will feature your business logo and contact details so you are seen as the expert. Answer your client questions with confidence and have a suite of ready-to-go resources that will help you build trust and communicate effectively with your clients.

    Established Will Writers and Estate Planners – You may be looking to refresh your existing marketing materials or simply been too busy to spend the time and money creating these.  Either way, the Estate Planner’s Toolkit is a ready-to-go solution that will save you time, increase your sales and strengthen your brand by positioning you as the expert.

    Financial Advisers / Accountants – Educate your clients about the benefits of making a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney. If you provide Will and Estate Planning services, use the Estate Planner’s Toolkit to communicate the benefits to your clients without the time and cost of designing and developing your own content.

    Why use the Choosing an Executor guide?

    • Be the expert!
    • Our professionally designed resources will feature your business logo and contact details
    • Your clients will see you as a professional who is ready and able to answer their questions.
    • Save time and avoid delays in client decision-making by answering your client’s frequently asked questions.
    • Share with your professional contacts (e.g. Accountants, Mortgage Broker) to help them understand your services better and refer their clients more easily to you.
    • It’s a win-win!

    How do I use the Choosing an Executor guide?

    The Estate Planner’s Choosing an Executor guide is versatile and can be printed, uploaded to your website, or e-mailed to your clients.

    You can use these resources before, during, or after your client meeting whether that is in person or remotely.

    Take 10 minutes out of your day for us to explain how the Estate Planners Toolkit will help you to grow your business.

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