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Help your clients to have more ‘I get it’ moments. Our easy-to-follow videos help your clients to understand complex topics more easily. Play in appointments, add to your website or use in your marketing. Buy our complete collection of videos and save even more.

All of these:-

Lasting Power of Attorney Video

Our animated explainer video, customised with your logo and contact details, busts the common myths that stop people making LPAs and helps your clients understand the facts and benefits of acting now.

Discretionary Trust Video

Help your clients understand how the flexibility of a discretionary trust can enable them to leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones.

Protective Property Trust Explainer Video

Our 2-minute animated explainer video, customised with your logo and contact details, helps your clients to see the risks of leaving everything to the surviving spouse through a basic mirror will. It explains how a protective property trust can safeguard inheritance for the future.  

Probate Video

‘Do I need Probate?’ This video helps to explain the risks involved in DIY probate and why they should contact you for help.

Making a Will Video

This video is ideal for the home page / wills page of your website. It gives a quick and friendly introduction into the main benefits of making a will and why they should choose you as a professional to help with this. Here is a snippet. As with all Estate Planner's Toolkit videos, it will be branded with your logo and contact details. We can also include your trade association logos (e.g. SWW, IPW) for extra credibility and professionalism.